Fees & Terms of Service


Although I do not post rates on my website, I can tell you how I calculate rates for each individual client. Some clients prefer hourly rates; others prefer a project rate. I will provide my rates according to your preference.

For writing, rates are usually based on the project. A well-defined project will receive a better rate than an off-the-cuff request. Articulate exactly what you need—for example, a press release to announce new product X, a 4-page brochure on your services, a monthly newsletter of 8 pages featuring interviews with 6 people.

For editing, rates are usually per page of manuscript or hours spent. The industry standard for a manuscript page is 250 words per page. Per page rates are based on this word count. Hourly rates are based on the number of pages that can be edited in an hour (usually 6-10 pages). Characteristics of your manuscript or writing that affect hourly and page rates include the level of editing needed/requested (see Levels of Editing & Terminology), project timeframe, fact-checking (if needed), number of references, and more.

I will assess your project by reviewing the subject matter, audience, writing quality, text complexity and length, and editing level needed. I will provide an estimate that is valid for 30 days. Changes in the scope of a project may require revisions of estimates.

Terms of Service

Contract: I will provide a simple contract that spells out the project parameters and estimate for both of us to sign.

Payment: I accept payment via check and PayPal. Payment is expected within 30 days of invoicing. Late fees of 15% of the original invoice amount may be added when payment is late.

Until I receive full payment for editing your work, I retain copyright ownership of the work that I have done. This means that no journal or publisher can legally publish your work if you have not paid me for my editing. When I receive full payment from you, I no longer have any copyright claims on your work.

Privacy Policy: Editor in the Woods does not divulge, without written permission, any contact information about clients or prospective clients. Nor is proprietary client information shared with anyone. I may share the title of a project on the “Clients and Testimonials” page of my website. Client testimonials are used with prior permission only.

Legalities: The Editor in the Woods logo and website are owned by Jennifer George Maybin. All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce the logo or website material in any form whatsoever, including by copying or scanning, on audio or video, or other electronic methods.

Confidence in My Services: I perform top-quality editing, but I cannot guarantee that your manuscript will be 100% error-free after I have edited it. I am human. If you make additional edits after I have returned the work to you, I cannot take responsibility for ensuring the correctness of those edits unless you return the work to me for a second review of the changes. That said, you can be sure that I will treat your text like the precious offspring that it is.