About Jennifer

Why do you need an Editor?

A good editor adds the final polish to your work. Ensuring that your unique voice remains intact, the editor rids your manuscript—whether book, article, press release, or slide deck—of grammar and punctuation errors, inconsistencies, factual errors, and misspellings. Your editor is your advocate, not your adversary. Together, editors and writers refine texts into works of art.

Why do you need a Writer?

Not all businesses have full-time writers on staff. I can write your brochures, newsletters, press releases, website copy, or other documents that you have no time to write yourself.

Who am I?

I’m Jennifer G. Maybin, an experienced editor and writer and a board-certified editor in the life sciences. For more than 30 years, I have helped authors, businesses, educators, and scientists successfully craft their manuscripts and documents for publishing. I am also a university-level writing and editing instructor and am available to teach your teams how to write more clearly and concisely.

Call or email me today to discuss how I can help YOU with your writing and editing needs. Please see Fees & Terms of Service for more information.

Yours in writing and editing, Jennifer